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The BRAIN Initiative

Here’s a great lecture by Cori Bargmann from the Rockerfeller University. It’s on the importance of studying the brain. Dr. Bargmann also gave a similar lecture in 2005 in the Distinguished Women in Science Lecture Series that I used to … Continue reading

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“By This River” by James Guastaferro

Here’s a nice one from my friend James Guastaferro, aka TonesFromTheUnderground:

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My Upcoming Lecture in New York

On October 14, 2017, I am going to give a lecture in New York  as part of the International Linguistic Association Monthly Lecture Series.  The title of my talk will be “Catching up to Saussure with Text Semantics”.  More infoto … Continue reading

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Cold Fact

Cold Fact by Rodriguez is now officially my favorite album! I liked the album the first time I heard it.  And after 1,000 more times, I still love it.  That’s extremely rare for me. It gets better with time.  So … Continue reading

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