Game 6 Project

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It will soon be the home page of my Game 6 Project where people are invited to tell their own personal stories about Game 6 of the 1975 World Series between the Red Sox and the Cincinnati Reds — regardless of whether they actually saw the game live or were even alive when it happened. The purpose of this project to collect different versions of how people narrate the “great moments” of that game.  Among the most memorable moments are Carlton Fisk’s home run of the foul pole in the 12th inning that won the game, Dwight Evans’ catch in right field to steal a hit from Joe Morgan in the 10th inning, George Foster’s throw to home plate to get Denny Doyle out in the 9th inning, and Bernie Carbo’s 3-run home run that tied the game in the 8th inning. There are of course other stories to tell, such as the famous “serendipitous rat” that changed the way baseball was broadcast, or the amazing other 6 games of the series.

I will do a semantic and semiotic analysis of the recurring themes, topoi, and motifs of the “tales” with the goal of understanding how an historical cultural event becomes folkloric (i.e., a legend). I also want to see how people contextualize these “great baseball moments”, which could easily be re-contextualized without any appreciation of the days, games, and plays that led up to Game 6 and thus become unimportant, or uneventful.

This project is the beginning of others in which I hope to study other sports or cultural events in the future.

Complete Game 6 of 1975 World Series:

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