I am currently working on a manuscript titled Memory is Everything (Sometimes I Forget).  I hope to have it completed soon (whenever I can find the time to work on them!). Here are some poems from this project

Lower East Side

I stroll
All cinnamon afternoon
All sexy sky
All stretching cheese

I explore
All chopstick dancing
All nodding agreement
All next on line

I ponder
All floating hair
All golden skin
All garden eyes

I consider
All thick shadows
All window glare
All last night

I see her
All shaken weather
All slapstick sigh
All melted chocolate

I return
All right lonely
All left lonely
All lost cartoon

Dear Mexico

Even as you fade in me
You sustain me.
I wrap my eyelids around you
And keep my ship arriving.
I trust your land
All hands and faces
Flat against the sand.
I trust your pain
As you hold it all up for me
In junkyard puddles.
I trust your bathroom coins
And your purple winds
Pulling long clouds into the sea.
I trust your quick mountains.
They are in my pockets
With the lakes of my grandparents.
I dive in for poems.
I trust your brain and your hair
Thrown back at the breakfast table.
I trust the laughing bite
Of your spicy corn
And the roosters pecking
At my guitar strings.
I trust your fireflies
Your wells and caves
Your black train smoke.
I trust your cactus fruit,
All lips and tongues
Flat against the meat.
I trust your hand-clapping tortillas
Your mango sticks
and your slow mole stir.
I trust the treasure buried in the voices
That shout out of your markets.
I trust your lava cheek bones
Your rusty pans and the hard work
Of your heart under warm blankets.
I trust your hidden rivers
Your long skeletal dances
And all those stone beautiful eyes
Flat against the sunset.
I cry my pockets empty
And swim in your memory.
Even as you fade in me
I feel your hibiscus breeze
And the gentle paper
It lifts inside me.
I will always keep this.

Human Resource

One after another, résumé paper planes
crash land in a puddle of apple juice.

One by one, my daughter picks them up
and brings them back to me.

Everyone is rescued.


© Bill Carrasco, 2011

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